In-Company Consultancy

An Edge specializes in providing customized In-house Training Programs for your organization to meet the specific requirements and level of expertise of your employee base. Our programs are designed based on your objectives to have an immediate transformational impact throughout your organization.

An Edge develops training programs based on Adult Learning Theory and Action Learning to create change within the employee and the organization. Our training programs are developed and delivered by our Consultants who have extensive business experience and are able to bring real world scenarios to their training sessions.

By opting for An Edge’s in-company consultancy programs, businesses will grow and excel through tailor-made professional and technical trainings developed by highly trained experts within An Edge To guarantee that our clients achieve the best desired results, designated teams are available to meet with our clients to understand the needs and wants of the organization. We provide the privilege for all levels of expertise within the workplace with practical solutions to their day-to-day challenges.

  • Technical
  • Soft Skills
  • Management 
  • Executive coaching
  • TNA Consultancy

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